British soldier sentenced to jail for raping comrade in attempt to “make her gay”

Lance Corporal Hannah Heslop

A 25-year-old British Lance Corporal is facing 7 years in prison for raping a fellow female soldier.

According to The Telegraph, Lance Corporal Hannah Heslop of 22 Field Hospital was on a night out drinking with an unidentified hetereosexual female soldier that Heslop had professed an attraction to.

“She (Heslop) began saying she would make her gay”, said prosecutor Lieutenant Colonel David Phillips. “Her response was to laugh off her comments. The evening involved drinking games and soldiers drinking shots of various alcoholic drinks.”

Upon return to the barracks, the other soldier passed out in a deep sleep. Heslop proceeded to remove the woman’s pants and underwear, inserting a total of four fingers and causing evidence of physical trauma.

Lance Corporal Hannah Heslop
Lance Corporal Hannah Heslop

The victim told the court she woke up in pain to “find the accused between her legs”.

The board rejected claims by Heslop that the encounter was consensual, citing the emotional and physical trauma suffered by the other soldier.

The Judge, who gave Heslop credit for her military service, added: “You talked about your duty of care for her but you failed in that duty.”

The soldier claims that she is now afraid to go anywhere without her boyfriend and that the incident causes her to frequently break into tears.

“These feelings and emotions of mine have all been a direct result of what LC Heslop did to me without my consent.”

Heslop’s lawyer says that “it is a tragedy really that what started as a happy social event ended the way it did. It is going to wreck the life of Lance Corporal Heslop. It is effectively going to destroy her.”

Heslop is a battlefield ambulance driver and deployed to Sierra Leone in 2014 to help stop the spread of the Ebola virus.

Heslop has been sentenced to seven years imprisonment, half of which she will serve on parole. She was has been dishonorably discharged from the armed forces and will be put on the sexual offenders register indefinitely.

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