British SAS veterans fighting Navy SEALs led by Chris Kyle’s trainer

EX-SAS Phil Campion (left) training for the upcoming fight. (right) Navy SEAL veteran Brandon Webb, who is pictured with Chris Kyle, is leading the U.S. team.

Former members of the renowned British SAS will be going head-to-head with former US Navy SEALs in a charity exhibition boxing tournament.

According to The Sun, the match -which is also financially backed by the very same publication- will be the first of its kind, with much of the funds collected going to military-related charities.

The two teams will meet at London’s York Hall boxing venue, which has the capacity to seat 1,200 people.

The SAS team -comprised of Phil Campion, Rob Paxman and Matt Charles- are currently training to take on the American team, which is being put together by Brandon Webb, a former SEAL who trained the late sniper Chris Kyle.

”Remembrance Rumble” Ex-SAS soldiers prepare to fight US Navy Seals in a charity boxing match. Pictured are EX-SAS Phil Campion Rob Paxman and Matt Charles.  (Andrew Styczynski)

“The ethos behind this is we all fought for countries and now we are going to fight for our beliefs,” said Campion, who came up with the idea of having the event.

“And we are going to put in the same level of commitment as we did when we served into this project. We are going to give the public something they have never seen before.”

Meanwhile in the US, Webb is assembling his team from the US Marines and Navy SEALs, who will be matched with their British counterparts by weight class.

"Hanging with my friend big Phil of the SAS in London. Talking about a US v UK SOF boxing tourney" - Brandon Webb (left)
“Hanging with my friend big Phil of the SAS in London. Talking about a US v UK SOF boxing tourney” – Brandon Webb/Facebook  (left)

“I thought it was a great idea, especially in the Special Ops community the guys have the same mind-set, we’re cut from the same cloth, we all come from these crazy backgrounds,” Webb said.

Webb went on to say the event is  “a good way to work together to raise awareness around the veterans issues which we are still having on both sides of the pond.”

“We’re putting the team together and we hope to hold this event in New York next year,” he added. “It is going to be a spectacle like no other.”

Campion has been planning the event for months, saying that he always wanted to be a boxer.

“The problem was finding someone to fight me – as soon as you say you’re ex-SAS no one wants to box you. They think you are going to put them in some sort of death grip,” he remarked.

Realizing he needed to fight other special operations troops, he teamed up with Webb, knowing which country he wanted to take on.

“There was only one other country we wanted to fight, and that was the US.”

Former SAS Corporal Jim Walker said the British way of scrapping may give them an edge.

“The Yanks don’t have that dirty side, so as long as we keep it scrappy we’ve got a chance,” he said. “It’s going to be a great night -let’s hope they don’t bring any ninjas.”

Meanwhile, former US Marine Scout Swimmer Jon Schneider is taking the event very seriously.

“To me boxing is not a sport,” he said “You do not play boxing. It’s a way of life just like being a Marine is to me. “To box to raise money for a military charity will be by far one of the greatest moments of my life.”

For those in the UK, tickets are currently on sale.

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