Fearless British sniper scavenges ISIS bodies packed with explosives in Syria

British fighter Jac Holmes in screenshots from the video below.

A foreign volunteer sniper team, comprised of members from around the world has been fighting ISIS in Raqqa, Syria for the last two months.

The four men in the  sniper team – a part of a group called the “223”- are from Germany, England, Spain, and the United States.

The 223 was formed by a former U.S. Marine from New York known as Servan Amriki, Kurdish for “American Warrior.”  Its name is derived from the date February 23, 2015; the day the first western volunteer fighter, Ash “Bagok” Johnston, did fighting ISIS.  The group is a secretive unit of foreign fighters who have chosen to volunteer to fight with the Kurdish YPG against ISIS.

British fighter Jac Holmes (left) and snipers who are a part of the western foreign fighter group known as “223.”

Last year, British “223” fighter Jac Holmes said the unit is made up entirely of elite international volunteers, hand-picked by Servan, during an interview.  “All Western and very professional,” he said.

On Tuesday, while fighting ISIS in Raqqa, their unit was ambushed from outside the city by ISIS (Daesh) dressed as YPG fighters. In the aftermath of the ambush, which claimed the life of at least one foreign fighter, Jac recorded a video while surveying the scene.

“Most of them are dead now or hiding. This video shows the majority of their stuff they left when they abandoned their trucks and ran,” he said.

Based on his assessment, they were able to kill almost all of the ISIS suicide bombers and attackers before any of their bombs were able to be detonated.  Jac arrived after the ambush but claims four of their fighters were able to repel the attack. One of their fighters -the armorer- died during a duel with an ISIS fighter who died as well.

Warning: some may find the content of this video to be graphic

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