British Army using Kim Kardashian’s bottom to recruit new soldiers

The British Army has adopted tabloid tactics to draw in new recruits- and Kim Kardashian’s hind-end is the tip of the spear.

The Army’s ad campaign, the first of its kind, insinuates that joining the military instills greater confidence than getting “likes” on social media.

The social media socialite’s rear will be front and center for the campaign, and will no doubt be featured in public locations.

According to the Daily Mail, the campaign is known as “Belonging 2020: Army Confidence.”

One Ministry of Defence source claimed the advertisements will build on the previous “Snowflake” campaign, and hopes to attract people with low self esteem- who depend on “likes” for boosts of ego.

“That sort of thing breeds neurosis whereas we take young people and build them up, and once they’re trained, they stay up. You can’t beat the emotional benefits of an Army career.”

Previous campaigns attempted to recruit gamers, social media-savvy individuals and others that generally aren’t first to mind when one thinks of “army material.”

The British Army is severely undermanned, with many combat units 40% under strength.

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