British Army backs down after trolled by “PC warriors” over Twitter post

The British Army apologized and removed a tweet of a soldier wearing black face paint after it prompted outrage online from bloggers and journalists.

The tweet showed an image of a soldier with camouflage paint making a comedic face, with the caption: “Being a soldier in the jungle requires a robust sense of humour.”

The post sparked a furious response from non-military/veteran social media users who said the the “blackface” image is “racist.”

Ryen Owen Gibson, a former Social media manager for the LAD bible and ViralThread took the opportunity to imply the British Army might be hiring a new social media manager after the Tweet -possibly him.

Jon Scammell, a field producer for Ruptly, said the “British Army just tweeted this photo, what were they thinking?”

Many social media users -with no apparent experience with military camouflage- said the Tweet indulged racism.

Ironically, @mangoes_marxism tweeted, “the British Army is disgustingly racist, who knew?!” and then tweeted “White men really lose their minds when they find out not everyone is as naive as they are” minutes later.

Despite the outrage coming from hypocrites and those with little to no military experience, the British Army removed the tweet and issued a formal apology.

The British Army tweeted:

“We apologise for any offence caused by the tweet which showed a picture of a soldier from the Irish Guards during jungle training in Belize where he was wearing camouflage and concealment measures. We can see how the picture and the title given to it may have made the image open to misinterpretation and we have therefore immediately remove the tweet.”

Con Coughlin, said -in an op-ed on the Telegraph– that he is surprised the Ministry of Defence was worried about something so trivial as a soldier being photographed wearing camouflage paint.

“Anyone with any knowledge of the military knows this is a standard technique used by soldiers around the world to help disguise themselves in challenging combat situations, particularly when operating at night. In this particular instance the soldier was taking part in a jungle warfare exercise,” he wrote.

He pointed out that the picture is even published on the Ministry of Defense’s website to mark the beginning of the Army’s annual photography competition before a brigade politically correct zealots launched a tirade of abuse on twitter against the MoD.

He contended, wearing black face paint as camouflage is not a racist as it dates back a century or more, making it common sense.

“Would you prefer he wore white face paint?”

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