Bristish Soldier who saved U.S. Marine in Afghanistan receives highest award

Lance Corporal Josh Leakey, 27, was awarded Britain’s highest award, the Victoria Cross for his actions in Afghanistan.  On 22AUG2013 during a UK/US assault on a Taliban stronghold intended to disrupt a key insurgent group, Leakey saved the life of a U.S. Marine and others.

According to BBC, “After dismounting from helicopters, a group of UK and US forces came under attack from around 20 insurgents armed with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades.  Soldiers from the group became pinned down by fire on the side of the hill and surrounded by insurgents.  L/Cpl Leakey ran to the top of a hill, despite enemy fire, to assess the situation and provided first aid to a wounded US Marine Corps captain.  He then ran back up the hill to reposition a machine gun and began firing at the insurgents, despite bullets “ricocheting” off the machine gun’s frame.  Despite the danger, he returned to the injured captain – drawing enemy fire again – to retrieve a second machine gun, before running back to the crest of the hill once more, where he managed to help regain the initiative.  During the battle, 11 insurgents were killed and four were wounded.”

Josh Leakey is third recipient of the Victoria Cross from the war in Afghanistan, but the first living serviceman.


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