Boyfriend of Marine who left service to do OnlyFans prefers gaming over hanging out with her

Source: TikTok/Instagram

A Female US Marine veteran -known in tabloids worldwide for her social media following and leaving the Corps to start up an OnlyFans- is publicly throwing shade on her boyfriend for wanting to play Call of Duty.

Brittany, known as “@BitchingBrittany” on her various social media platforms, recently put her man on blast via TikTok, claiming that he would rather play video games than give her attention.

“When he plays the new COD all say instead of giving me attention,” the caption read over a video of her looking unimpressed with her boyfriend.

Despite adding “[Just kidding], I play with him” in the description, so-called “simps” were quick to line up and give her sympathy and a shot at the “boyfriend” title.

“You’d get all my attention,” user basketballislife1988 wrote.

Unfortunately for basketballislife1988, Brittany has over 112,100 followers on TikTok, and regularly talks about how she is “obsessed” with her boyfriend.

Interestingly enough, Brittany’s OnlyFans account has gone missing and can no longer be accessed.

This may have something to do with unwelcome male attention: in November of 2022, Brittany posted a TikTok of herself lifting weights, with a caption reading “I’m the wrong bh to stalk because I post s knowing you’re watching.”

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