Bowe Bergdahl secretly fantasized about being Russian mafia hitman

Bowe Bergdahl

Deserter Bowe Bergdahl apparently had lofty dreams of becoming a hitman for the Russian Mafia, according to sworn statements filed by Army prosecutors.

According to My San Antonio, documents filed by Army prosecutors say that Bergdahl had told other soldiers in his unit of his aspirations of being a hired gun for the Russian mob, and had explained in detail how we was going to accomplish it.

“He mentioned his plan would be to go through Pakistan and into India and join the Russian mob,” then-PFC Shane Cross told Army investigators. “Prior to the deployment he had claimed to speak Russian, that he had learned while working on a fishing boat that traveled to Europe. He also mentioned that he wouldn’t want any tattoos, because they would be identifiable marks on his body.”

The very next morning after telling Cross of his plan, Bergdahl was gone.

Embarking from Combat Outpost Mest in late June of 2009, Bergdahl set out on a 19-mile trek through the Afghan mountains to inform his command unit of what he felt were problems in his unit. However, he found himself in the hands of the Taliban within hours.

The Army, however, was not aware of Bergdahl’s capture and launched a massive search for him- one that resulted in casualties. Despite their best efforts, Bergdahl would remain a Prisoner of War for almost half a decade until he was -most controversially- traded for several high-level enemy officers.

The statements were released on Tuesday by Army prosecutors who are currently battling a defense strategy move that would suppress statements some have made in the case.

Prosecutors say that Bergdahl was on the hunt for “adventure both at home and abroad,” allegedly attempting to join the French Foreign Legion in Paris before settling on the US Army, as well as tales of maritime exploits and working with special operations forces on a firing range in the American South.

“If the deployment is lame, I am going to walk into the mountains of Pakistan and work for whomever is out there,” he is reported to have said. I have survived in the mountains at home.”

After less than a month in Afghanistan, Bergdahl said that he wanted to making his trek across Pakistan and India to join the Russian mob.

“I am going to join the Russian mob as a hitman or an assassin,” he said. “I will hike through Pakistan into India to join the Russian mob. I speak Russian, I learned it while working on a fishing boat that traveled through Europe.”

If convicted, Bergdahl could receive a life sentence.

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