Black veteran’s restaurant is shot up for being “pro-police”

A Portland-area eatery owned by a US military veteran was riddled with gunfire after rioters deemed it to be unfriendly to the Black Lives Matter cause.

The Heroes American Cafe was targeted for being an “unfriendly business” during the riots that took place this weekend, according to owner John Jackson.

Jackson claimed that Antifa-linked Twitter accounts effectively identified the business as an enemy structure, clearing it for vandalism.

Windows of the cafe were shot out and smashed with blunt objects.

While it should not play a factor in this day and age, the irony of Jackson’s predicament is hard to go unnoticed- Jackson, who served in the US Army and Marine Corps, is black.

“I think it’s more psychological,” he told Fox News. “When I first came here [Portland] about 10 years ago, it was one of the most accepting cities that I knew of.”

However, leftist politics in the Oregon metropolis have taken a violent turn in recent years.

Jackson’s business was targeted for supporting police officers, military personnel, veterans, nurses and firefighters, but Jackson insists that he must stand tall.

“We’re for all heroes and we don’t support zeroes,” Jackson said. “So if you’re a bad cop, we don’t really have time for you. If you’re walking your beat and you’re taking care of your people or you’re saving lives, we love you.”

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