Why you should know who this Army Special Forces veteran is

Black Rifle Coffee founder Evan Hafer

With the mainstream coffee scene becoming a less than friendly environment for gun owners and veterans alike, many are seeking an alternative coffee company that not only gives them bold and exotic flavors but supports the causes they can stand behind.

Fortunately, Black Rifle Coffee (BRCC) is that kind of company.

Founded by a former Special Forces operator-turned CIA contractor, Black Rifle Coffee takes over three years of research and the scouring of over 100 of the most highly recommended coffee bean estates in Columbia for just the right blends that will -as the founder puts it- “change your life.”

Designed as a coffee brand for A-type personalities, BRCC was founded by coffee hobbyist and veteran Evan Hafer, who has been serving his country since 1995. Going from the National Guard to active-duty Special Forces, Evan later found himself working for the State Department and CIA as a private contractor, set on doing his job until the War on Terror ended.

Evan Hafer
Evan Hafer

When he later realized that he had more than done his part- serving with distinction in a war that would seemingly never end, Evan decided he wanted to work for himself and applied all his efforts into his great passions: helping veterans, 2nd Amendment rights and of course, coffee.

Just last year, Evan’s company -which boasts a full-time staff comprised entirely of veterans- experienced great business, with Evan not seeing a single dime of the money for himself. Declining a salary for last year, Evan gave back $48,000 to nonprofits aligned with the causes BRCC believes in, including the Marine vet-founded Raider Project and Thin Blue Line project. In fact, he still drives his same pickup with 150,000 miles on it.

“Black Rifle Coffee Company is me,” Evan said. “I don’t answer to a board, venture capitalists or investors.” He states his mission is simply to get the “highest quality coffee and service” to men and women who embrace the hard-hitting lifestyle that bigger coffee chains just can’t cater to.

BRCC coffee is roasted to order. That means if it is scheduled to arrive on the 1st of the month, it was ground and bagged less than a few days before it shipped. “Most coffee has a ‘truly good’ shelf life of about three weeks,” Evan said. “The funny thing is, the coffee you usually buy is likely over three weeks old. Most people have never had truly good coffee.”

Black Rifle Coffee 2

In addition, the BRCC’s Coffee Club offers shipments of fresh coffee with free shipping, all while giving you huge discounts with major retailers such as Article 15 Clothing, Vortex Optics, Tactical Tailor, BattleBox and more.

“Basically, when you join the Black Rifle Coffee Club,’ Evan continued, ‘you will pay for your coffee by using discounts where you would already be spending your hard-earned money.”

With high expectations, Black Rifle Coffee Company seeks to be the company that can grow without compromising either their quality or dedication to their causes.

“Most of the time, every dollar you spend, we’re doing epic things with it,” Evan said. “If we could even be half as big as [the major competitors], we could do big things.”

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