“Black Ops” Major General confronted at a mall outside Fort Bragg

A fake Green Beret was outed earlier this month in North Carolina, claiming to be a Major General in “black ops.”

YouTube user “Mr. KW” outed the older gentleman at Cross Creek Mall in Fayetteville, who identified himself as “Major General Colins.”

“Well, Major General,” KW said when he got Colins to re-introduce himself, “I think you’re a little bit full of it.”

Colins -who spoke with a northern English/Scottish accent and wore an SF baseball cap with three stars- claimed he went through selection “five years ago,” transferring from the Air Force.

When asked what Special Forces Group he was with, Colins said “I am not with *a* group,” adding that KW -who claims he was a combat wounded- was making him an “uncomfortable man.”

Suddenly, Colins began speaking with the authority of an English headmaster, demanding the conversation end at once.

“I am in a ‘Black’ outfit,” Colins said. “Within the SF, there are several different organizations..There is one which is called ‘Black Ops.’”

“If you know it, you don’t ask a ‘Black Ops’ person anything, am I being clear?” Colins demanded.

KW then told Colins’ wife that what he was doing was dishonorable and that her husband was committing stolen valor.

“Go away from me,” Colins said, as KW walked off.

The video was uploaded yesterday and is the only one in “Mr. K W”’s playlist.

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