Billboard in “Arab capital of North America” says Trump is scared of Arab refugees

A billboard on westbound I-94 entering Dearborn translates to "Donald Trump, he can't read this, but he is afraid of it" and was posted by the Nuisance Committee Super PAC. (Shadi Rahimi/Twitter)

A billboard with Arabic text is mocking Donald Trump in Michigan, with over 300,000 people driving past it every week.

Located on I-94 between Detroit and Dearborn, the $4,850 sign reads “Donald Trump can’t read this, but he is afraid of it.”

The sign was put up by the “Nuisance Committee,” a pro-Clinton/ anti-Trump super PAC funded by the company Cards Against Humanity.

‘We came up with it because we believe Trump’s hateful rhetoric is not based on reality, it’s based on fear,” said group spokesperson Melissa Harris. “We think that irrational fear is what’s driving his anti-immigrant message.”

The billboard was strategically placed in Dearborn due to the high number of Arab-Americans there, taking into account that Michigan is a swing state.

“The unique thing about billboard advertising is that it’s one of the few mediums you can’t turn off,” Harris said. “You can’t click to close it. You can’t turn down the volume or switch channels. So it’s a medium we like for those reasons. We’re working to ensure Trump doesn’t become President precisely because we don’t know what will happen if he does. He’s undisciplined, illogical, inconsistent, and impulsive.”

The Cards Against Humanity (CAH) party game has raised over $410,000 through its special Trump and Clinton expansion packs, with the aforementioned proceeds funneling into the super PAC.

The “Nuisance Committee” was named such by CAH co-founder Max Temkin, who says it was a tribute to his Jewish grandfather -Ira Weinstein- who became a POW in World War II Germany.

“Ira and other Jewish POWs banded together to form a “Nuisance Committee” to irritate their captors in ways that wouldn’t get them shot,” Temkin said. “The comparison between Trump and Hitler is intentional.”

According to the Daily Mail, the organization’s spokesperson says the group wholeheartedly supports Hillary Clinton, citing that she is the better candidate for the job.

“We believe Hillary Clinton’s temperament is the definition of presidential,” Harris said. “She’s thoughtful, knowledgeable, capable, experienced and dignified. We’re also proud she’s a trailblazer for women in this country.“

Still, with the election up for grabs, Harris says the committee remains vigilant in case the results don’t turn out in their favor.

“I will say that if he does become President, the Nuisance Committee will remain active.”

Dearborn is home to thousands of Iraqi refugees, the Arab American News headquarters, and has been dubbed as the “Arab capital of North America,” with people from Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen and Iraq calling the city home.

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