“Big D or a lot of money?” Marine cracks joke on spouse

The spouse of a US Marine -who is also a Marine- remarked at how fortunate she was to be married to her, in a TikTok video that is starting to go viral.

The video was taken from the perspective Morgan Almazan, a woman in the driver’s seat of a pickup, who is watching from her vehicle as her wife (a well-toned female Marine) approaches.

Pre-recorded audio plays over the video, remaking how the poster has neither a “big d*** or a lot of money.”

As the blouseless Marine approaches the vehicle, the female Marine appears to be a little embarrassed, but in a good way.

“dammmmmmmm she is Beautiful you sir have won the lottery,” a user commented in support.

“DAAAAAAAMNNN SHE SURE IS FIIIINNNEEE, GOOD JOB BRUH,” another wrote, seemingly mistaking Almazan’s gender.

The video has over 333,000 likes, and features the hashtag “#lesbianarecooler.”

@morganalmazan I love this women!! @cuddlywerewolf #womencrusheveryday #lesbianarecooler ♬ original sound – RebelTheScum

Almazan is believed to be a US Marine Corps drill instructor, while her wife is of an unknown occupational specialty.

Morgan Almazan (TikTok)

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