Beauty influencer booted from a hospital in Ukraine despite being pregnant and wounded

Marianna Podgurskaya (Instagram/Twitter)

A beauty influencer and resident of the besieged Ukrainian coastal city of Mariupol has reportedly been denied a stay in a local hospital, despite being wounded and pregnant.

Marianna Podgurskaya was photographed being carried from the ruins of a maternity hospital, which appeared heavily damaged from the fighting taking place there.

Known as “gixie_beauty” on Instagram, Podgurskaya has over 22,300 followers and frequently gives beauty tips using regional products.

Podgurskaya became pregnant months before the invasion, and the photos of her have raised questions among some Twitter netizens as to whether or not her appearance was staged.

“The girl is indeed pregnant, but there was no way to “lie down” in the maternity hospital, long occupied by Azov’s neo-Nazis,” wrote one user, who posted the photos. The girl was made up and brought under the cameras.”

It was reported that the infamous Azov Battalion -a Ukrainian gendarmerie unit which has ties to neo-Nazi ideology that was previously reviled by the west- kicked out all staff and patients and occupied the building. On March 5, Azov fighters were reported to be firing from the vicinity of the same maternity hospital.

Regardless of the report’s veracity and whether or not the credibility of journalists in the area is compromised, fighting in Mariupol is still quite heavy, with Open Source Intelligence [OSINT] enthusiasts flooding signal and Telegram groups with what is often live combat footage.

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