“Be a man:” Marine denies NJP after “rolling coal” on military police officers

Source: TikTok

The US Navy may have nuclear-powered carriers, but the US Marine Corps is “rolling coal.”

Video footage has surfaced of a personnel transport blowing diesel smoke at Navy Masters-at-Arms as they plow through a security checkpoint, presumably at Camp Lejuene.

The clip was recently shared by Terminal Lance, a US Marine veteran known for a webcomic of the same name.

The military police can be seen choking on the smoke as the vehicle lumbers by, no doubt to the amusement of the crew filming.

The rap song “F*** The Police” plays in the foreground, having been added later.

The video was originally uploaded to TikTok by a Marine under the username @minivanss.

It seems the stunt didn’t go unnoticed by leadership long before it was reshared by Terminal Lance.

The Marine posted to TikTok, saying, “If your BN [battalion] tries to NJP [non-judicial punishment] you, deny it, Be a man.”

While denying the NJP in July was a bold move, it didn’t pay off for the Marine, because the court-martial trial ended up separating him from the Marine Corps.


Say it ain’t so, but it is. More to come fam. Stay tuned👀🫣

♬ Walk Around the Club (F**k Everybody) – Street Mix – Treal Lee & Prince Rick

“I remember commenting on that video saying that the MPs would have the final laugh hahaha,” a user commented on the re-post of the video.

The Marine claims everything turned out okay for him, despite being discharged.

“It all worked out in the end,” he said. “Everything considered I’m walking away pretty good.”

A TikToker reminded him that the Marine Corps is still keeping an eye on him and reposting the video is probably not the best idea, but the Marine assured that he consulted legal advice.

“Can’t get me twice for the same thing,” he said.

“It’s double jeopardy. already talked with legal about it.”

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