Battle hardened Ukrainian soldiers show off their more feminine side

Female soldiers of the Ukrainian army have traded their body armor for bustles in a series of photos depicting the warriors in their more natural, feminine form.

Dressed in ball gowns fit for royalty, the women wield a variety of small arms and military equipment, bringing into focus the duality of warfare in one’s own country.

According to the Daily Mail, the organizers wanted to picture the women in a ways that they might be had the war never happened- often to the poignant shock of the women themselves.

We put them in nice dresses because we wanted to make them feel a bit different from their lives on the front line”, an organizer said. “We know they have not worn dresses much during the last two years. Sometimes it is hard for them to get back to normal life, and we wanted to support them.”

Here are some stunning images from the photo shoot.

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