Bartender under fire for accusing Airman of being a fake service member, stealing his military ID

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A bar in Missouri is on full damage control mode after a musician working behind the bar destroyed a military ID, claiming the ID holder and his comrades were not real servicemembers.

The LOTO Lounge in Osage Beach, Missouri, was the site of the ordeal, where several US Air Force servicemembers encountered an unruly musician named Josh Weitkamp.

Weitcamp, who was unsatisfied appeared to bend and throw away one of the service members’ military IDs, and then went on to express his suspicion that the Airmen had never actually served.

The Common Access Cards (CACs) were reportedly not good enough for Weitcamp, who then claimed he would call his “boys that have been to f—ing Afghanistan.”

“We’ve been to Iraq and Afghanistan,” one Airman said during the confrontation, which was recorded and posted to social media.

“Dude, you don’t even look old enough to know about f—ing 9/11,” Weitkamp responded.

According to T&P, the incident took place on May 2nd, and attempts to reach LOTO Lounge on Monday were unsuccessful.

Around six military personnel were involved, and Noel Cook -who posted the video- claimed Weitkamp attempted to “destroy someone’s military ID because he ‘used to be a cop and knows what an ID is supposed to look like.”

Eventually, a police officer was summoned, and he confirmed that Weitkamp may have been in the wrong, as his “tip-off” (the subpar lamination on the CAC card) was a common issue with military IDs.

Weitkamp later referred to the incident as a “stupid drunken mistake.”

“I am truly sorry for my actions on May 2nd at LOTO Lounge. I would like to personally apologize to the group of soldiers that came into the establishment,” he wrote in a now-deleted statement on Facebook. “I said some regretful, hateful things in regards to your service to the country and I’m sickened by my own comments. It was a stupid drunken mistake and I would sincerely like to extend an apology to you and to anyone in the service that I upset.”

LOTO Lounge, who have also deleted their social media page, also issued an apology.

“We, at LOTO Lounge, deeply regret the events of May 2nd and want to stress that we have tremendous respect for military members and their service to our country. Josh Weitkamp is not a bartender at LOTO Lounge; he is a local musician who has personal ties to the venue,” LOTO Lounge wrote. “He is extremely remorseful of his actions and we are working to make amends with the military members involved. We will do our best to reach out privately to those individuals and to publicly convey our appreciation to all military members in the future.”

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