Bartender outside Army base shares soldiers’ hilarious pick-up-lines

After quiting her job bartending at Buffalo Wild Wings right outside a Georgia Army base, she shared some of the most memorable pick-up-lines left on receipts.

BWW in Columbus is a popular spot for soldiers at Fort Benning, whether they are stationed there in 3rd Infantry Division, 3rd Ranger battalion, or just graduated from the Infantry school.

Either way, as most soldiers do, they assume they are the first GI to attempt to charm the bartenders outside the base.

“In honor of quitting my bar tending job….here you have the notes people leave you at Buffalo Wild Wings. Cheers to bar tending being…usually…fun and certainly interesting,” she said.

Those who arrive at Fort Benning early to attend a school, such as the Army’s Sniper school, and stay at the Hyatt forget about the other 30,000 soldiers at the base that hit on this bartender every weekend.


Apparently most of her customers believe she has a nice butt.


“It’s just the work pants. My butt has nothing to do with it. Well, maybe my work pants and free weight squats. But definitely not my butt,” she claimed.


This guy was not shy about his intentions…


“If I’ve made it obvious that I’m flirting with you, I’ll text back”


Judging by the song reference he must have been at least an E-8 or just knows every Jody song


You know this guy just strapped on his blue cord and walked off sand hill


For all the guys who think every bartender who flirts is interested in you, this bartender has a message:

“I honestly don’t flirt with people I’m not interested in. It’s just not fair to the guy. Like I’ll make conversation. But if I’m flirting, I’m interested.”

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