Auto-parts store employee calls out fake trying to get military discount

To my knowledge, most military members do not even know that Advance Auto Parts offers a military discount.  I only found out when I walked into a store while in uniform on my way home from work one day.  When I was checking out the clerk told me that he gave me a 10% discount.  I asked him what the discount was for and he said they have a military discount, but they are only supposed to give it if someone asks.  I remember thinking that is absurd because a lot of military members are way too humble to ask nor do they feel like they deserve it.

For the record, this was only my experience; their website says the discount is open to all active duty, VA benefit receiving veterans, and military dependents.

The scumbag in this video was somehow aware of this widely unknown discount and made a point to ask for it.  It is not known if the clerk is a veteran or not, but he felt obligated to question the offender.  Anyone with an average amount of knowledge regarding our military and the current military conflicts would be able to tell this idiot was lying.

According the the Stolen Valor act, an offender faces “imprisonment for not more than one year.”  I recommend that these offenders be forced to publicly honor our fallen by cleaning memorials, laying wreaths, placing flags, etc.


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