Australian SAS member accused of war crime after video released of “execution” in Afghanistan

The Australian Broadcasting Company has received video of Aussie Special Air Service troopers “executing” an allegedly unarmed Afghan who fled from them during an operation in Southwest Asia.

The video, which came from a 2012 deployment to Afghanistan, was filmed from a helmet camera and lasted only three minutes.

Now, many in the land down under are accusing the Australian SAS of “war crimes.”

The 2012 incident surrounded the hunt for a suspected Taliban bombmaker, and involved the use of a K9 named Quake near the village of Deh Jawz-e Hasanzai.

Disembarking from an American Black Hawk helicopter, the SAS troopers moved quickly to where another helicopter was leading them, sending Quake ahead as a scout and advanced warning measure.

Quake eventually found a target in the form of a bearded man in his 20s, taking him down in a nearby wheat field.

“Quake, leave!” yelled the dog handler, who had the camera attached to his helmet.

The Afghan man was quickly surrounded by troopers.

The ABC claim the man -ID’d as Dad Mohammad- had red prayer beads in his hand, though this cannot be confirmed- nor can it be confirmed whether the man was armed or not.

Not one to waste time, one SAS trooper bluntly asked his team if they should dispose of the alleged threat.

“You want me to drop this c*nt?” he asked.

The commander of the troop gave an inaudible response.

Suddenly, the Adgha moved, and the SAS trooper opened fire.

Excited, Quake moved towards the man, prompting his handler to panickedly recall the dog before he became a casualty of friendly fire.

After dispatching the Afghan, the troopers boarded the Black Hawk.

The SAS soldier who shot Dad Mohammad later claimed the Afghan had been shot because he had been seen with a radio. Australian Defence Forces investigators concluded that the Afghan was lawfully killed because he posed a direct threat to the Australians.

Little more is known of the incident, but it is known that the trooper is still serving in the SASR.

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