ATF raids Delta Force legend, Larry Vicker’s firearm collection

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Delta Force legend and firearms guru Larry Vickers was the subject of a raid by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, who confiscated hundreds of high-dollar and priceless firearms.

Sources claiming to be familiar with the incident (but requesting anonymity) told Popular Military that the renowned military veteran and firearms instructor -who has been fighting a battle with cancer- reportedly let his Special Occupational Tax (SOT), lapse, opening the door for a whirlwind of National Firearms Act-related issues.

Every importer, manufacturer, and dealer of firearms is required to pay the “special (occupational) tax” annually.

While it is unknown at this time if the speculation is correct (or if the lapse was intentional), the 58-year-old Delta Force alumni had been transferring many of his firearms prior to the seizures.

Vickers was diagnosed with cancer in 2021 and has been undergoing chemotherapy. It is unknown if his transfer of firearms is related.

The list released by the ATF reveals hundreds of pages worth of firearms seized, including a large number of NFA-controlled weapons (machine guns, for example) and priceless historical firearms.

In the case of most of the weapons seized, the value was marked as “$1,000,” though many of these may be non-transferrable dealer samples.

The raid took place in Huntersville, North Carolina, and the official ATF notification was posted on October 5.

Vickers has until late November to file a claim, and has until late December to file a petition.

The situation is ongoing, and information will be updated or corrected as more details emerge.

During Vickers’s 20 years in the US Army’s special operations, he participated in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Acid Gambit, where he received the Bronze Star Medal for valor (pictured above).

After retiring, he trained numerous military special operation forces -some who took down Saddam Hussein’s sons in Iraq.

Vickers has yet to release a public statement.

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