Assange will make live address to world after claiming Clinton tried to kill him

This file photo taken on February 05, 2016 shows WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange addressing the media and supporters from the balcony of Ecuador's embassy in central London. / AFP PHOTO / Jack Taylor

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange cancelled a speech, being dubbed the “October surprise, with damaging information about Clinton over security fears on Monday.

The event, marking the 10th anniversary of his organization was supposed to take place on a balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy in London but has been rescheduled for tomorrow.

In August, Assange said he had information about Hillary Clinton -that yielded ‘some quite unexpected angles, that are quite interesting, some even entertaining’- that he would release before the election.

Assagnge said, “Clinton has been in government so we have much more to publish on Clinton. There is a lot of naivety. The US presidency will continue to represent the major power groups of the United States — big business and the military — regardless of who the talking head is,” during an interview with Spiegel on Friday.

Assange claims that the release is not intended to benefit one canidate, saying he would publish internal documents from the Trump campaign or the Republican Party if they were submitted.

“If a source gives us material that is of political, diplomatic, ethical or historical significance that has not been published before and is comprised of official documents or recordings, then we will publish it,” he said.

A new report, released on Sunday, suggests Clinton was involved with making State Department proposals to kill Assange through the use of a drone strike or by offering a $10 million bounty in 2010.

The report sources an email from State Department Director of Policy Planning Ann-Marie Slaughter to Clinton’s Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, entitled “an SP memo on possible legal and nonlegal strategies re Wikileaks” with an attachment titled “SP Wikileaks doc final11.23.10.docx” to claim many others may have been involved.


Sources confirm Clinton took the email and attachment with her to the White House for an afternoon meeting with Secretary of Defense Bob Gates and National Security Advisor Tom Donilon prior to an additional evening meeting at the White House, according to the report.

This will not be Assange’s first release that has effected the presidential race. He played a key role in releasing 20,000 internal emails indicating the Democratic National Committee appeared to conspire to prevent Bernie Sanders from winning the nomination.

Assange has also hinted that DNC staffer Seth Rich, who was found with multiple gunshot wounds to the back in Washington, D.C., may have been a source for WikiLeaks, according to Fox News.

Assange, who has lived in the Ecuadorean Embassy for five years because officials in Sweden have sought him on criminal charges, is set to address supporters in Berlin via a video link at 3 a.m. ET.

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