Man who assaults US troop gets nose bashed in, arrested in Thailand

Several American servicemen participating in Thailand’s Cobra Gold multinational exercises have been fined for engaging in hand-to-hand combat with counterfeit watch salesmen in Pattaya.

The unnamed servicemen were reportedly involved in a brawl after several street vendors attempted to sell them counterfeit wares at the end of February.

Thai Police said that the soldiers examined the watches before throwing them on the ground, prompting a heated argument that soon became a close-range melee between vendors and military personnel.

The Americans were charged 1,000 Thai Baht (around $32) each for getting into a fight with the vendors- a relatively light punishment compared to their counterparts.

According to the Khao Sod English news site, the vendors were arrested, put on public display and fined $160 US Dollars each, which is no small change for a vendor in Thailand.

The arrested vendors are presented to media at Pattaya City Police Station.

The arrests were made last month, not long after the US serviceman was assaulted by aggressive street vendors at a bar in February, which was caught on security camera footage.

YouTube video

It is not clear what branch of service the US servicemen were in but a local report suggested they were in the Navy or Marines.

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