Army’s new guidelines for Transgender showering, urinalysis tests are leaked

The Army has released new guidelines regarding how transgender troops should be treated within the ranks- and those guidelines have been leaked.

The training slides concerning the topic were leaked to Popular Military by a source within Army leadership under the condition of anonymity.

The slides contained a variety of scenarios that Army leaders may face when dealing with male-to-female and female-to-male transgender troops, ranging from urinalysis tests to showers and pronouns.

Certain challenges also included how many host nations should be consulted prior to deploying transgender personnel outside of the United States, and how pregnant trans personnel should be treated the same as pregnant females.

“Transgender Soldiers will be treated the same as any other Soldier with a given medical condition,” the training slideshow read.

Other matters addressed shower facilities.

“Facilities will not be designated, modified or constructed to make TG only areas,” the training program stated. “Any modifications made must be available to all Soldiers to use. Accommodations cannot isolate or stigmatize the TG Soldier.”

In regards to pronouns, it was stated that the Soldier’s preferred and designated pronouns should be used, unless the unit chooses to “address all Soldiers by their rank and last name.”

Army officials could not be reached for comment.

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