Army says you should not say, “Y’all Army chicks want to get knocked up…you big leg devil?”

In 1981, the Army released a training video, titled, “Unwelcome Affection;” the first sexual harassment training video that featured dramatized examples of inappropriate behavior.

The video was created by Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC to increase awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace.

It featured five dramatized examples of soldiers and civilians carrying out inappropriate workplace behavior, followed by suggested questions after each segment to generate group discussion.

In the example, “Hallway,” two members of the medical staff at Walter Reed Hospital make inappropriate comments towards a group of female service members walking down a hallway.

“Hey John, it looks like someone has been riding the wave,” the Caucasian medical staff member says to the other. “Yea, looks like somebody knocked up that Army chick too,” the other responds.

“But the other two look like they are alright,” he continues.

“Hey if you two chicks want to get knocked up, John and I are glad to help you,” the Caucasian medical staff member says as the females pass by in the hallway.

The entire video is below:

YouTube video

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