Army wife joins Army during COVID-19 pandemic without ever meeting a recruiter in person

A girl better known for her Instagram presence is now one of the many faces of online recruiting for the US Army- and she’s giving “model recruit” a new meaning.

At 23 years of age, Mariam Kakhabrishvili was concerned that the Chinese-originated coronavirus pandemic would hamper her ability to follow her husband into the US Army.

“I was so worried that this would just push everything months and months,” said Kakhabrishvili. “But I was almost surprised that that didn’t have almost any impact on my process.”

While she couldn’t grace the office of a recruiter in person, she had an opportunity to take advantage of the US Army’s stopgap measure to continue recruiting during the pandemic- virtual recruiting.

According to WABI, Kakhabrishvili communicated with her Columbus, Georgia recruiter by Facebook, Facetime and text.

“With this, I kind of established a really close relationship with the recruiter, I was in constant contact with him throughout the texts, so we kind of got friends,” said Kakhabrishvili.

The US Army sees virtual recruiting as a successful endeavour.

“They want something personal. They want a connection,” said Major General Frank Muth, Army Recruiting Command Commanding General.

Interestingly enough, the Army was the first branch to adopt the practice.

“On March 18 before everyone else did, but I thought it was the right call to make,” said Muth.

Muth noted that the Army recruiters are also on the prowl in multiplayer servers of all the popular games for Generation Z.

“They’re completely chatting and these guys are getting leads this way…As you can imagine, a lot of kids are at home. And they’re online gaming right now,” said Muth.

As for Kakhabrishvili, there’s no telling how this will affect her family and future- but anything can happen.

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