Army wife has become a famous model for being “plus-size”

An Army housewife has made a name and brand for herself as a plus-size model, and has no problem showing off her military spouse affiliation.

Known as Loey Lane, the military spouse is known for her plus-size modelling and her personal brand, known as “Love Any Body.”

By no means a petite woman, Lane has no qualms when it comes to her body, and flaunts it every chance she gets, with relative success- and over 586,000 followers on Instagram to prove it.

In a Q&A on YouTube, Lane discussed how she was with her husband in Kansas (presumably Fort Riley or Fort Leavenworth), and how her parents said they would be getting a divorce the day she told them she would be getting married.

Lane once had aspirations of being a doctor, but has become addicted to working in modelling and being a parent. However, if the pieces come together, she claims she might give it a shot.

When asked if she would try to be the new face of Victoria’s Secret, she said that she was simply too busy- but would be more than happy to be part of the plus-sized line.

“Modelling is one of those things where I really enjoy it when I’m doing it,” she said.

Despite this, she feels that her current situation is ideal, as it allows her control over her life that being a model for an agency might not offer.

“I feel like I couldn’t really be denied this interaction between you and I,” she said to her fans.

Lane has over 1.8 million YouTube subscribers.

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