Army Wife Cuts Throats of 3 Children, Taken into Custody

Christina Booth and her husband, Sgt. Tommy Booth. Photo Credit: Facebook.

Christina Booth, wife of Sergeant Tommy Booth, was arrested shortly after calling 911 and reporting to authorities that her children were bleeding from the neck and wouldn’t stop crying.  She is suspected of slashing their throats, and was taken into custody by the Olympia Police Department.

When they arrived at the scene, police found three children upstairs in serious need of medical attention. Neighbors told local news station KIRO-TV that ever since her husband had returned from his last tour in Afghanistan [his second such tour], she hadn’t been acting the same and that there were significant changes in her behavior.

In their investigation, authorities believe that Sgt. Booth was present in the house when the alleged throat-cutting incident took place. After both parents were questioned at length about the incident, Tommy was released and is not being charged with anything.

Christina, however, is being charged with 3 counts of attempted murder, and police have even recovered the knife they believe was used in the incident. “To do that kind of damage or injury to three helpless human beings. I don’t know that you can explain it,” Olympia Police Lieutenant Tim Costa said.

All three children were taken to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital and are said to be improving, according to a friend of the Booth family.

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  • Michael Swaney

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