Army warrant officer throws fit over not being saluted, cries racism

A US Army warrant officer was so angry that a junior warrant officer didn’t salute her, she took the matter to social media- and cried “racism” when the responses didn’t come back the way she had hoped.

Sherron Bennett was seemingly upset that she wasn’t saluted by a Warrant Officer 1, and questioned him as to why he didn’t render her honors.

“Top of the morning from Poland!” she wrote, with complete disregard for OPSEC. “I just walked past a WO1 and he didn’t salute. I asked him if he didn’t salute senior Warrants and his response was that he was told by a number of senior Warrant Officers not to.”

For “Chief” Bennett, however, this simply would not do.

The Texas-based realtor and Soldier “Implored [the WO1] not to assume that we were all the same, then reminded him to salute.”

Now, one would think this is where the story ends. However, one would be wrong- very wrong.

Chief Bennett -who is so proud of her rank that she had a license plate made to reflect it- took to the “US Army Warrant Officer Cohort” Facebook group and talked about the perceived injustice, which will no doubt soon be concreted in absurd Army policy, complete with mountains of memos.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am 12 months away from retirement,” she began, “But this grinds my gear!”

The “Cohort” is known for being a relatively civil group of US Army professionals -past and present- who live by the mysterious codes of what warrant officers should be- rarely seen, always needed and very professional.

Naturally, warrants from all over the Army attempted to offer public and private counseling to Bennett, explaining that this is normal, and a cultural thing within the warrant officer community- something she seemingly missed out on, but everyone makes mistakes.

For Bennett, however, this was not constructive criticism. No, the tsunami of answers she recieved was clearly the work of racists.

“Something profound just dawned on me and I checked all 400+ comments to verify,” she responded to the Cohort. “99% of the ‘Warrant don’t [sic] salute each other response came from the caucasian Warrants! No wonder this started to feel like I was passing by a Klan rally in Virginia and simply asked them to keep the noise down because they were disturbing the neighborhood!”

“It all makes perfect sense now,” she added. “No wonder I don’t have a subscription to this foolishness.”

The Cohort was not satisfied with this answer, and some spoke out under condition of anonymity- since the Army is unlikely to do anything about it.

“Sadly, I’m guessing all of the complaints etc. [sic] will be quietly dealt with and she’ll be allowed to retired at [CW3] because leadership is so scared of ‘racism complaints,’” one disgruntled warrant told Popular Military. “I was in Warrant Officer Candidate school with this type [of warrant officer]. They’re almost always supply, they’re untouchable and they know it.”

It is unknown why Bennett’s unit is in Poland, though US units have been known to take on training and security missions there due to the nation’s friendliness with the US and proximity to Russia.

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