Army wants to recall retired soldiers to help out with the COVID-19 response

The US Army has issued a voluntary recall for retired Soldiers willing to assist with the global pandemic that has reached the United States.

In an email released over several channels (including the DFAS pay system), G-1 Deputy Chief of Staff LTG Thomas C. Seamands urged Army personnel to step up and do their part.

“The US Army is reaching out to gauge the interest of our retired officers, noncommissioned officers and Soldiers who would be willing to assist with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic response effort should their skills and expertise be required,” he wrote.

“These extraordinary challenges require equally extraordinary solutions and that’s why we’re turning to you — trusted professionals capable of operating under constantly changing conditions.  When the Nation called — you answered, and now, that call may come again.”

The memo is limited to a number of occupational specialties related to health care.

“If interested and you remain qualified to serve in any of the following health care specialties: 60F: Critical Care Officer; 60N: Anesthesiologist; 66F: Nurse Anesthetist; 66S: Critical Care Nurse; 66P: Nurse Practitioner; 66T: ER Nurse; 68V: Respiratory Specialist; 68W: Medic – we need to hear from you STAT!”

Seamands does not, however, want to pull medical personnel who are working in civilian medical fields that may be in-demand.

“If you are working in a civilian hospital or medical facility, please let us know,” he said. “We do not want to detract from the current care and treatment you are providing to the Nation.”

That said, personnel potentially willing to re-enter the service may be eligible.

“While this is targeted at medical specialties, if you are interested in re-joining the team and were in a different specialty, let us know your interest,” he wrote.

Those interested should contact the Human Resources Command, Reserve Personnel Management Directorate, at or call 502-613-4911. Please provide a phone number, address, email, and MOS/Branch.

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