Army veteran takes down man allegedly trying to abduct woman

An Army National Guard vet in Georgia used his moral compass, and his Army training, to help diffuse a situation Sunday when he believed a woman in a Wal-Mart parking lot was in distress.

Perry police tell WMAZ News they got a call at 10:10 p.m. about people fighting in the Wal-Mart parking lot in what they’re calling a first date gone wrong.

Perry Police Captain Heath Dykes says a Wilcox County woman was meeting a man from Atlanta who she met through a dating website.

When they argued over what to do next, police say the man forcibly grabbed her around the waist and appeared to be forcibly pulling her toward his car.

When Army National Guard vet Jared Moncrief noticed the woman in distress, he stepped up in her defense.

“I tried to take the fight out of him and save her,” Moncrief says. “Cause to me, it looked like he was trying to get her in a car and he had her pressed up against it.”

Moncrief’s sister filmed as her brother kept a cool head and tried his best to diffuse the situation without an escalation of violence. Moncrief posted the video to Facebook Monday without a caption.

Moncrief tells WMAZ News he was leaving the Wal-Mart with his sister when he heard the screams and acted on reflex.

“I don’t know if it would have been different if I thought about it. We got to help each other out you know? Even him, I was trying to talk to him, ‘You gotta calm down man — we all make mistakes.’ I had to forcibly help him out. It’s just, you know, I understand he could have had a gun,” Moncrief said.

Moncrief says the victim thanked him repeatedly after the altercation, and the man left the scene.

Dykes commends Moncrief for taking swift action, but cautions scenarios like this don’t always have a happy ending. Often times the Good Samaritan is injured coming to the aid of the victim.

“You know I’m glad he came out and rendered aid to her, I think it goes without saying he did above and beyond what most citizens would have done,” Dykes tells WMAZ News. “I don’t know so much that I would say intervene. You know so much can go wrong, you never know, the individual may have a gun and put you in harm’s way,” he said.

Perry Police tell WMAZ News the woman isn’t pressing charges, but police are still investigating and the case is still open.

Dykes says the woman told police the man was using a profile under the name ‘Dee’ on the dating website Plenty of Fish. Dykes tells WMAZ News by the time police went to look for the profile, it could not be found.

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