Army veteran selling prized Iraq War memorabilia to help pay bills

Marion Church with his flag at COB Adder a few hours before the last convoy out of Iraq began.

A veteran of the Iraq War who fell on hard times is selling a prized possession- a US Flag flown on the “last convoy” out of Iraq.

Former US Army Specialist Marion Church once flew the Stars and Stripes proudly as his 1st Cavalry Division Convoy made the long and final trek from Iraq to Kuwait, marking an end to a long and controversial conflict.

However, the war continues to take its toll on many, including Church. Struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, unable to stay in school, struggling to find work and at the mercy of the VA’s notoriously bad disability pension system, Church feels he has to sell his flag to make ends meet.

“I completely misunderstood how hard it’d be,” Church said. “As of right now, because I’ve withdrawn from school, the VA is taking a third of my total compensation. I’ve got rent, electricity and all kinds of bills and I don’t have enough to cover it.”

The flag was posted on Craigslist for $1,200, with Church adding that he was “medically retired after a gunshot wound to the legs and being diagnosed with PTSD. I was bummed but I saw it as an opportunity to get a head start on my academic career and the long process of becoming a child abuse pediatrician.”

Marion holding another soldier’s flag outside out of the MRAP’s turret as they crossed the border from Iraq into Kuwait.

However, Church can’t seem to stay enrolled for a full semester and struggles with adjustment issues. As a result of dropping out, Church is racking up so much debt that he faces eviction.

“I filed for an increase through the VA and they said it could take up to 20 days to process,” Church said. “Selling this flag would give me the ability to get out of the eviction and hold me over until everything goes through with the VA. I don’t really want to sell it though, it’s a very important part of my life.”

According to Chron, Church feels he has run out of options.

Currently living in Texas, Church plans to move back to North Carolina, where his family resides. Once there, he hopes to get his PTSD under control.

The lead gunner on his final tour, Church was awarded the Combat Action Badge Award during his deployment. Three years after leaving the Army, Church has been on an emotional “roller coaster” ever since.

Anyone wishing to purchase Church’s flag -or even reach out to Church- can find him in the town of Katy, Texas.

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