Army veteran killed by police after she punched her neighbor

A US Army veteran in Florida was fatally shot by police after she allegedly pointed a firearm at them in the aftermath of a bizarre episode.

Tracy Drowne, who had served in the US Army and rose to the rank of sergeant first class, reportedly approached her neighbor’s teenage daughter, embracing her and rambling about some sort of dream she had that made them “sisters.”

The fifteen-year-old became uncomfortable and went home, telling her father about the bizarre moment.

Angered, the girl’s father told Drowne to stay away from his kids. In response, Drowne allegedly hit the man in the face.

The incident was captured on the man’s doorbell camera.

According to the Daily Mail, law enforcement from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office showed up a short time afterwards and approached Drowne’s residence. The veteran left the house holding a SD9VE, a budget-grade 9mm handgun made by Smith & Wesson.

Taking aim at deputies, Drowne was gunned down before she could fire a shot.

Drowne’s ex-husband, who has custody of their two daughters and lives in California, claimed the veteran had issues and refused to get help.

“She thought everyone was out to get her and she didn’t trust anybody,” he said.

Drowne retired from the Army and was previously awarded with a US. Army Acquisition Award for contracting excellence. She had been deployed twice.

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