Army veteran heads to Ukraine to fight, says ‘I’m doing it for my kids’

Army veteran Cody Heard (Facebook)

A veteran of the United States Army is currently off to fight as a volunteer in Ukraine, and he claims he’s doing it for his children.

Cody Heard, a 28-year-old former infantryman, is heading to war in hopes of helping stop the Russian advance towards Kyiv.

Heard is married with two daughters, but has since decided that the conflict -a world away from his own- is worth risking it all for.

“I started thinking about my kids,” he said. “I was thinking if I was in that position, would I want someone else coming over and helping us? Absolutely, yeah.”

The veteran, who left the service nearly half a decade ago and has zero combat experience, is going with fellow former members of the armed forces.

Heard previously served in the 3rd Cavalry Regiment and the Arkansas National Guard.

According to the New York Post, Heard has documented his journey thus far on TikTok, a social media app with ties to the Chinese government.

The app has proven so popular in the current conflict that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has often been dubbed the “TikTok War.”

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