Army veteran hailed hero after subduing robbers to save women

A local Army Veteran, Everett Collymore, is being hailed a hero for his quick action rescuing two women held at knife point outside of a Dunkin Donuts on Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh, NC on Saturday.

Collymore, who works for Michael & Son Services as a plumber saw the incident taking place and “I just wanted to help them”. He yelled for the men to “stand down”. They refused and turned toward him with a knife.

The humble veteran who just wanted to get home to his daughter said could not stand by and let anyone be “taken advantage of”.  “There were other people around. Some of them just stood on the side and looked…some of them walked away” he said, “I was compelled to help”.

Collymore, who served in the army for fifteen years, says his military experience came into play as he drove the attackers to the ground, he was just “taking care of business”. He then told the two women, Lydia Morrison and her 78-year-old mother, to get in their car and call the police.

But Collymore said he instead of a hero, he would call himself a plumber. “It’s just human instinct. I think anybody would have done the same.”

After the incident, Morrison called Michael & Son’s to find “her hero”, to express her gratitude for his quick thinking and heroic actions. Michael & Sons reached assured the women they would make the connection for a proper thank you.

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  • Penny M. Polokoff-Kreps earned her BA in Sociology from Queens College of the City University of New York. She is a published author, speaker, FL Supreme Court mediator, and a Guardian ad Litem. She runs a non-profit with her husband, a Vietnam veteran, providing nutritional supplements for veteran cancer survivors, and supporting veterans in obtaining service dogs. She is passionate about veteran's issues especially those related to PTSD and mental health.

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