Army veteran claims he saw secret anti-gravity testing at Fort Liberty

An army veteran has recounted his experiences surrounding witnessing secret testing at the Fort Bragg Army installation (now Fort Liberty) in 2010.

While his claims are not new, DC Long’s story has resurfaced since his recent interview on the Shawn Ryan show.

While based at Fort Benning (now Fort Moore), Long claims he traveled to Fort Liberty to help out his father who was contracted to build an undergound shoot house for weapons training.

He said while at the installation he was led by special forces troops through a hangar named Range 19 and he witnessed an antigravity experiment that he was not supposed to see.

“This giant monolithic slab just sitting there …at first it didn’t set off any alarms I didn’t think much of it but the closer we got to it I could feel this intense vibration,” he said.

“It was like being at a concert standing next to one of the speakers permeating through your body … but without the noise,” he added.

Long claims these vibrations were levitating a slab he believed to be more than 100 tons.

He claimed they were quickly ushered by the experiment to the location where the shoot house was to be built.

After around 30 minutes of taking measurements, Long says they were ushered back the same route through the hangar.

Within 24 hours of their trip, Long claims his father’s offices were “ransacked.” He says his father told him to never speak of the hangar experience again and died from a sudden-onset aggressive cancer not long afterward. 

Long spoke about the ordeal in detail during Dr. Steven Greer’s National Press Club UFO/UAP Disclosure Press Conference on June 12, 2023 in Washington D.C.

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