Why this Army veteran is carrying a skeleton everywhere

A US Army veteran is carrying a 40 lbs pack and a skeleton with him to spread awareness of a powerful message.

John Newcomb could no longer stand by and watch military veterans lose their battle with mental health issues and resort to suicide.

“Most of it was on compulsion. I just lost another one from my company,” said Newcomb to News10.

Over the weekend, Newcomb could be seen dressed in his Army BDU’s and carrying the skeleton, which signifies a veteran lost to suicide, by the Albany VA in New York.

Newcomb’s mission is to spread awareness of the 20 veterans that take their own life everyday.

“Tonight I walked the streets of downtown Albany…my ultimate goal is relief for the families afflicted by veteran suicide,” he wrote in a Facebook Post.

His cause, “YOU ARE NEVER TOO HEAVY! I WILL CARRY YOU!” is just getting off the ground but Newcomb says he has plans to walk across the country.

So far he has walked through the New York towns of Troy, Watervliet, and Latham.

You can learn more about his mission at https://.facebook.com/nevertooheavy/ 

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