Army veteran brought to breaking point by “ungrateful” Americans

A US Army veteran who felt he was wronged in an altercation and subsequent trial has burned his dress uniform, claiming that America has stabbed him in the back.

North Carolina resident Vern Williams is a 12-year-veteran of the US Army, a father of three and a former member of both the 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions. Thanks to what he feels is an injustice in the legal system, he’s also been found guilty of threatening a woman with a knife.

Williams claims that the woman -who was considerably older than him- came onto his property and refused to leave, eventually calling the police and claiming he threatened her with a bladed instrument. Williams was subsequently taken in and charged.

Williams claims that the judge ignored North Carolina law and sympathized with the trespasser (who allegedly lied under oath) because the judge “looked exactly like the woman who pressed charges on me.”

In the claims made on his Go Fund Me (which was rendered mostly unquotable due to excessive grammatical errors). Williams admits he has been financially strained by the legal battle, but is willing “to go to the Supreme Court if need be.”

Now angry and trying to stay out of prison, Williams has burned his uniform in protest.

“Everything on this uniform right here, I sweat and I bled [for,]” he said, pointing to his uniform and pinning his irreplaceable Purple Heart to his dress jacket’s collar.

He then covered his uniform in gasoline and set it alight, causing wool, nylon, polyester and stacks of decorations to go up in orange flames and black smoke.

“Why in God’s green Earth would you y’all allow judges to not follow the law?” he asked the camera.

The Currituck County resident is currently engaged in a legal battle to prevent him from going to prison and missing time with his family.

Burning uniforms has long been a form of protest associated with protest against one’s military- Williams has taken it a step further by protesting against the public who allows such injustices to take place on US soil, particularly against those who defend said people.

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