Army vet slapped by female officer suing police academy for wrongful termination

Nashville Metro Police Academy Intructor Kristina Kolodziejski (LinkedIn)

A US Army veteran was kicked out of the Nashville Metro Police Academy and is now suing the agency for “wrongful termination.”

Army veteran Matthew Slone reports that her was not only wrongfully fired, but struck by an instructor at the NMPD Academy, according to WZTV,

“You don’t become a cop for the money, you do it because of your heart for service,” wife Autumn Slone said, “I watched him serve his country as a military wife and he has a heart to serve and heart to protect.”

Matthew Slone reported that four months into training, he showed up the the NMPD range wearing a ball cap that said “SHERIFF” on it, prompting Training Academy Officer Kristina Kolodziejski to strike him in the back of the head.

“She reached down and smacked the back of my head like that and grabbed the hat, and it was pretty forceful, it moved my head forward and it kind of felt like a whiplash or something,” Slone said. “She grabbed my hat and threw my hat on the ground.”

While the “hat incident” is not mentioned in any MNPD police records, Slone claims it happened in front of a class full of trainees.

MNPD reports indicated that Slone was fired for being disrespectful, smirking and failure to participate.

However, Slone claims Kolodziejski struck him not once, but twice. The second time, the instructor forcefully grabbed him as she escorted him off the range and back to the academy.

“I already thought she crossed the line by hitting me in the back of the head, I’ve been through several military schools, I have never had anybody physically put their hands on me like that,” Slone said.

Reports state that Slone “stepped into Officer Kolodziejski’s arm and pushed her arms and torso in a sweeping direction away from his body.”

Slone was subsequently washed out from the academy with no chance of rehire, something his wife protests greatly.

“That was the most difficult thing to watch them shoot down his dreams like that, just which was the hardest part,” she said.

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