Army vet shoots Marine in chest with .308 round from a few feet away

Popular Military did not endorse this stunt or encourage it to be conducted. This was conducted by trained professionals and should not be reenacted or attempted by others. 

Marine veteran Karl Klimes felt he needed to prove himself further after already shooting himself with a 9mm Glock pistol at point blank range. After Popular Military published the video, the responses to the stunt by viewers varied.

Klimes says he completed the stunt to raise awareness for his charities that intend to house and heal struggling veterans.

The Marine infantry (0311) veteran has already invested $20 thousand dollars of his own money and has fallen short on his crowd sourced funding goals. He has only raised close to $2500 of the $130k to complete the veteran living quarters on his Wisconsin ranch.

“It is my goal to show Veterans that there are other ways to live and cope with their struggles,” Karl says.  “Farming and my service dog, are the two main reasons I am alive today.”

Klimes has a dedicated phone line that he promises he will answer 24 hours a day if a struggling veteran want someone to speak to. But to prove his dedication to his dream of helping, he has gone even further than the 9mm stunt.

After reading many negative comments on his video -where some suggested he was an alcoholic and not a trained professional- he felt it necessary to prove them wrong. On Friday, he enlisted the help of the first veteran staying in his home, an Army infantry veteran, to push the stunt as far as it can go.

Klimes proved his faith in his fellow veterans by letting a fellow veteran pull the trigger on a .308 caliber round and a 00 buck shot round while its pointed at his chest from a few feet away.

You can find out more about the Wisconsin-based Moo-Lon Labe Home For Veterans and donate here:

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