Army vet confronts man for stolen valor at Boston eatery


A man who claimed he was recently at a “fallout”– a reunion of all the guys in his unit who were in the Boston area — was accused of stolen valor. He claimed to be a combat engineer from the 82nd Airborne — from the Vietnam-era.

“I used to blow sh*t up,” he said. “I’m legit, I paid for it, I did 15 years.”

However, the uniform was just not right, it was not being worn correctly — no name, no rank anywhere.

The man recording the video, who is an Iraq war vet, said, “On my lunch break when this “E7″ clown came in, he had an Army retired patch on the center of his cap with two E7 pins on badge on each side of his cap.”

“The patch looks like something on Craig’s list,” he’s heard saying on the recording.

The Fort Lewis Army vet questions the man further. The older gentleman then claims that his father was in too. “The uniforms were different then …you guys got a much different  treatment..I got spit on,” he said.

He had no VA card on him, but insisted he was in the military, even though he was not in the correct uniform.  “I’m retired, I gave my time.”

He also claimed not to know what stolen valor was.  “Look it up,” said the service member – “It’s a federal offense…People go around trying to get discounts on things by wearing a uniform and claiming to be in the military.”

About five minutes into the conversation, the man turns his back on the service member and asks a worker at the counter to slice up his “Spike’s Junkyard” hot dog.

The gentleman apparently got tired of all the probing. While he did give his first name, ‘Mohammed’,  and said he served in ’79… that was the end of the chat. He got up and moved to another table.

The veteran expressed his frustration to some of the store’s employees: “I was over in Iraq and I lost brothers and to see someone…. it’s a disgrace.”

Before heading out, he says one more thing to the self-proclaimed Vietnam vet: “If I see you again in that uniform, I won’t be so friendly.”

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