Army vet commits suicide live online after shooting girlfriend and her child

A US Army veteran living in Ohio engaged in a murder-suicide, notifying the police of the crime before fatally shooting himself on a Facebook Live video.

On Friday, 33-year-old Miamisburg resident Jovonie McLendon Jr. notified law enforcement that he had just taken the lives of Di’eshia Patterson and Carter Clemons, only to later place calls to several others close to him.

From around 11:00 AM to 11:39, local dispatch would receive calls from McLeondon’s mother, ex-girlfriend (and mother of his other child), and friend.

Between 11:43 and 11:50, however, the situation had changed- four more calls came in, all claiming that McLendon had killed himself, and had streamed the suicide on Facebook Live.

Police breached the apartment at 11:55, and discovered that Patterson was still alive. She was taken to a nearby hospital where she was last reported to be in critical condition

According to the New York Daily News, McLendon worked for the US Postal Service and had no history of domestic violence.

Police have yet to establish a motive, and Montgomery County Police Chief Ron Hess said it would take some time to get the pieces of the puzzle together.

“This will be a long, lengthy investigation,” Hess said. “We have no history at all in our database on him.”

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