Army vet calls out Obama for saying his views as a black man are a “personal insult”

A US Army veteran of African-American descent has struck back at President Barack Obama through a YouTube video, posted to his channel on Sunday.

A.D. Bell came down on the president for telling Chicago rally attendees that he would view the black community abstaining to vote or voting against Hillary Clinton as a “personal insult.”

“When President Barack Obama said he’d find it a personal insult if the people, black people in particular, don’t vote for Hillary Clinton,” Bell said. “I find it a personal insult that you’ve only made one attempt to reach out to these people. People have been calling on him to come back to Chicago for a long time.”

Bell expressed his concern that the President is unfairly categorizing black America into a purely-Democrat demographic, pointing out that he was a Republican supporter.

“There’s a lot of things going on,” Bell said. “As you may also see, I’m wearing my ‘Make America Great Again’ hat which I don’t usually wear. I keep it in my home so when people walk into my home, it’s one of the first things they usually see.”

In the video, he also pointed out a correlation between his Seahawks jersey and his Trump hat, while citing his Chicago roots.

“It’s football season, Seahawks,” Bell added while pointing to the Seattle jersey he was wearing. “These two things tell a story. Chicago is my home, so I was a Bears fan … but I [don’t] live there any longer, so I don’t really care about the teams, but I do care about the people.”

Bell went on to criticize the President for not calling the NYC and New Jersey bombings an act of terror.

“We just had bombs go off last night, he said angrily. “These people don’t even have the decency to say, ‘well this was an act of terror.’ It (sic) don’t matter who did it… If somebody’s pit bull gets loose and starts chasing people and start trying to bite little kids, you know what they would say? ‘A pit bull is terrorizing a neighborhood’. So when someone blows up a bomb that injures 25 people, that’s not an act of terror? Are you serious?”

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