Army vet attacked after saying “alpha team exfil” outside a California transit center

Transgender First Amendment auditor and veteran Furry Potato has driven a security guard mad, as evidenced by a video-recorded exchange near a California transit center.

Furry Potato (also known as Zhoie Perez) was doing the usual audit routine he is known for when he came upon a Riverside County-area transit center under the control of SunLine, a company that offers alternative energy vehicle services for mass transit.

Upon arriving at the gate, an older security guard by the name of John Lamverti attempted to communicate with Perez, who initially ignored him. Not appreciating the cold shoulder, the guard became irate.

“SIR!” Lamverti shouted, grimacing.

Soon, Perez began “speaking” into a “radio,” as to cause Lamverti alarm.

“That’s a negative, Charlie and Delta,” he said. “Hold. Alpha team, exfil[trate].”

“Are you here in an official capacity, or are you just schizophrenic,” Lamverti asked.

Eventually, Lamverti became agitated and stuck his tongue out at the camera Perez was holding.

“Don’t come on the property,” Lamverti said.

Perez would later harass the unarmed Lamverti, referring to him as “Grandpa,” and exclaiming he would go onto the other side of the property.

Not long after announcing his intentions, Perez would walk around the grounds and attempt to film an individual’s VIN number on their car, resulting in the car’s owner pushing him.

Suddenly, Perez had an appreciation for justice, claiming he would charge the man -and the employees that came to the man’s aid- with assault and battery.

Eventually, law enforcement showed up and Perez spoke with the deputy, and was told he was free to go.

“I just took over Coachella Valley,” he said.

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