Army vet and three girlfriends going to prison for running largest Molly drug ring in Miami ever

A former US Army Lieutenant has been sentenced to prison after running one of the largest MDMA drug rings in Miami, Florida.

37-year-old Jorge Hernandez, a former US Army Linguist of seven years, was handed his sentence along with seven others who had been involved with his ring, including three ex-lovers.

The former Lieutenant’s group is believed to have smuggled hundreds of kilos of methylone and ethylone into Miami, becoming known as the engine in the city’s “Molly Machine” by way of chemicals imported from China.

According to the Miami Herald, Hernandez and his best friend Matthew Anich -who is a former Marine- had been running an elaborate drug ring, living an elaborate lifestyle complete with Bentley cars, regular attendance at strip clubs, expensive properties and relationships with porn stars.

According to officials, Anich and Hernandez distributed the Molly through a network of DJs and strippers, often utilizing ex-lovers to wire money into China. With retail profits running as high as $30-40,000 a kilo, the duo would often go to strip clubs and blow tens of thousands of dollars for fun. Both had relationship with porn actresses, who would often partake in the fast and hard Miami lifestyle.

Unfortunately, it would be a porn star -Anich’s girlfriend Selena Rosa- who would be the ring’s undoing. Climbing her boyfriend’s Porsche while naked during a domestic dispute, the spiteful Rosa alerted police to Anich receiving synthetic chemicals in the mail.

Shortly afterwards, the bolts of the operation began to come loose. Anich betrayed Hernandez after being hauled in by the police, forcing Hernandez to work as an undercover operative.

Working undercover, Hernandez used his charisma and status to artfully bring down 13 other people with a performance that Federal Prosecutor Marton Gyiers says is “the best I’ve seen in my experience.”

“It’s like a film that can only happen in Miami,” said Edward J. O’Donnell IV, who represented one defendant in the case. “It’s like a cross between Pain and Gain,Wild Things and Bachelor Party.”

The sentences Monday concerning the Molly ring will not be the last- Mario Melton, an aspiring lawyer whom Hernandez fingered for helping import the chemicals, will be sentenced next month.

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