Army using special “clean” and “trace” teams to track COVID-19

The Army has assembled special teams to track personnel on military installations who have coronavirus.

The teams -known as “clean” and “trace” teams- identify infected individuals following careful screening and then track the quarantines of said individuals, while “clean” teams sanitize areas where the infected personnel have been.

“Everyone has their function,” said Lt. Gen. Douglas Gabram, US Army Installation Management Command commanding general. “Frankly it’s a battle drill.”

The US Army reports that the size of the teams varies by installation, but that more aggressive teams have been more successful.

“We’re treating this as a combat operation in IMCOM,” Gabram said. “Think of our installations as our forward-operating base. So now I say this is a ‘home’ game. Before it was an ‘away’ game when we were in our FOBs in Iraq or Afghanistan. Now those FOBs are our installations. Are we ready? We’re absolutely ready.”

Gabram did not say whether Army installations will open and operate at normal conditions anytime soon.

“We are all aware (of) the risks of returning too quickly,” he said. “I believe this is going to be a conditions-based road to recovery. And our headquarters is working at, along with the Army, on a deliberated, graduated return when that decision is made.”

Most installations have closed their barbershops, and testing checkpoints have been set up at the gates of several posts.

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