Army unit tells mother of soldier her daughter is a “sick call ranger”

By Andy Wolf

An engineering unit based out of Fort Riley, Kansas, is reportedly under fire after they publicly shamed a female Soldier who did not attend a cold weather march.

It all began on January 19, when the “Beast Company” of the 1st Engineer Battalion posted photos on Facebook, showing their troops operating in frigid weather.

“Fort Riley was a little quiet this morning. I guess nobody except Beast Company wanted to do any real cold weather training,” the post began. “7 mile ruck march in some -10 windchill helps build resiliency in all aspects of life. Proud of everyone that came out for the fun and finished. “

A social media user dubbed “Letty DN” responded with, “God bless you guys, I’m proud of my daughter.”

Source: Facebook

Beast Company —or whoever was behind their social media account— spared no tact.

“Letty DN, thanks for your support!” the post read. “Your daughter chose to go to sick call this morning instead of completing the training. Maybe next time.”

In short order, criticism began flooding in, with individuals attacking the unit for shaming their “sick call ranger.”

“Beast Company, 1st Engineer Battalion, You should take care of your Soldiers instead of humiliating them,” user Yikes responded. “Smells like an EO complaint to me.”

“If this is how the command team speaks of her publicly, imagine how they treat her at the unit level,” Kristen Walker added.

Others pointed out that while malingering is a genuine Army problem, there were better ways to handle it.

“I mean…malingering can be an issue,” wrote John “Ocean Man” Fannin, known for rowing across the Atlantic several years ago. “This definitely was handled poorly and should have never been posted, but if you’re a sandbagging shi*bag, and ONLY IF you make a habit out of it, you deserve humiliation.”

Others noted how the unit was deleting comments at an alarmingly fast rate, and began tagging every higher-ranking element on social media.

“I foresee a unit at Fort Riley, not having a Facebook page for very much longer,” one user wrote.

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  • Andy Wolf

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