Army supply sergeant says she’s being kicked out for PTSD after her ex-husband died during a field exercise

A staff sergeant in the US Army claims her psyche isn’t fit for duty- and now she’s being chaptered out.

Appearing in full uniform on her YouTube channel, Staff Sergeant Tatiana Mackay described her troubles in agonizing detail, particularly how it affected her ability to serve.

“Internal things, external things,” she said, stating that she suffered from depression and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Mackay reportedly sustained her mental injuries after her ex-husband (who had separated from her) was killed not far from where she lives.

The incident took place during a field problem, and her regret is that the last days of his life was filled with marital conflict.

Other traumas for the Unit Supply Specialist included losing friends who had deployed overseas.

At one point, Mackay decided that no amount of treatment -including a therapist and a Utah-based  30-day rehabilitation retreat paid for by the military- was going to cure this depression.

“Basically, me being in the military environment is not a good thing for me right now,” she said.

Mackay failed to report in on several occasions, and has suicidal thoughts.

“It was so many things,” she told her audience.

Mackay, who is also a mother to several children, is now transitioning out of the military.

“I’m super, duper excited,” she said.

You can watch the full ten-minute video here.

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