Army Staff Sergeant begs for job after only receiving one interview in three years

Screenshot from video below

A US Army veteran in the Houston area put on his old uniform and stood in front of a hospital earlier this week, begging to be hired.

A 17-year respiratory specialist in the Army Reserves, Staff Sergeant Lajon Elliott has been out of work for three years.

“I’m more than qualified,” he said.

In those three years, he’s been out of work and he’s only had one interview.

Elliot had previously suffered a stroke, and was taken to Memorial Hermann at the Texas Medical Center.

Hoping to be employed by the very hospital that saved his life, Elliot took extreme measures and decided he would stand outside the hospital for several hours, wearing his ACU fatigues and a sign reading, “Army Veteran, Patient of This Hospital Wants To Work After A Stroke!!!”

“I’ve kept coming back and coming back and this is the last straw,” Elliot said.

Two hospitals where Elliot applied to work have sent statements to KHOU11, with one medical campus stating that they cannot publicly comment on employment actions.

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