Army spokesperson trolled for saying troops going back to Syria to “defeat ISIS”

While there are many undesirable jobs in the military, it would appear “Operation Inherent Resolve Spokesman” has shot up to near the top of the list.

OIR Spokesman Colonel Myles B. Caggins III has a tough job in the aftermath of the US military seemingly stepping aside to let Turkish forces into the region, particularly after it was announced that Army mechanized infantry units would be deployed to the region to guard oil fields.

In a recent Twitter post highlighting the deployment, Caggins was effectively roasted by the internet, bearing the brunt of disdain likely (better) directed towards US policy.

“Those Bradleys certainly will make fine viewing platforms from which to watch formerly one of the best fighting ally US has ever had, battle for their lives and get slaughtered,” Dr. James Ford tweeted.

Others pointed out that, despite somehow being a NATO partner, Turkey has a track record of being aligned with jihadists.

“Whatever areas Turkey or the FSA control, you’ll find Daesh (ISIS). Just look for the big red flags,” user Bikini Bogart quipped. “Jihadists love Jihadists.”

Most highlighted of all, however, was public disdain towards the abandonment of the Kurds who have been at the mercy of Turkish hybrid warfare- to the point of unarmed people being slaughtered as the forces of Erdogan push into Syria.

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